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Soda Fountain Machines




welcome_st (Manufacturing Balaji Refrigeration)

We are the leader in soda products.we are manufacturing various model in soda fountain like soda machine Soft Drink Machine Bubble top model Double Decker model model and many others as your requirement.we have fully high-tech engineer team.Our main priority is quality of machine and satisfaction of customers and dealers.we have largest number of distributors across India. our dealers location are Rajsthan Maharashtra Madhya Pradesh Delhi Andhra Pradesh Uttar Pradesh Bihar Karanataka Tamilnadu and many more.

b1 our machine soda is strong,pure and hygienic.
b1 We serve chill soda at -4c.
b1 Our machine are fully automatic and easy to operate
b1 And one of the best thing is in flavoured soda costing is 1.5 to 2*Rs. Including



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